Monday, 22 November 2010

Update & Apology

Hi all :)

Firstly I would like to say a massive Hello and THANK YOU to my new followers, some of you left me some lovely comments on my last post and they really made my week!

Secondly I need to apologise for being such a bad blogger. I came back into the community full of beans and then that little thing called real life (ugh) got in the way.

I've had quite a manic week for me, I'm usually home 99.9% of the week (not that I'm complaining - I heart home) but this week has been different.

I have a few things lined up to blog about, including a disappointing Clinique purchase (!!) so please bear with me.

Normal service will resume shortly :)

Until that time, I shall leave you with this photo. It makes my heart smile xo


  1. I cant wait for TrueBlood to be back!! I'm going crazy.


  2. I'm REALLY behind. I was late on the True Blood band wagon and in a way I'm glad. Just finished S1 and I know I can spend a whole weekend watching S2 rather than having to wait a whole week for one episode :)
    Thanks for the comment by the way, love your blog :) xo