Monday, 15 November 2010

Hi dolls,

As I'm sure you can tell, this blog is still completely under construction.
However due to the fact that I have noticed some new followers (thankyou!!) I thought I would get things started with a little bit of blog-background...

I'm not new to this community by any means, I initially started blogging over a year ago. I decided that I wanted somewhere to write and talk about my love of make-up.
I had no clue of the size of the beauty blogging community and I was a little overwhelmed for a while (small fish, big pond syndrome) and got a little disheartened with the whole thing.
Plus the fact that my boyfriend and I have had to deal with unemployment this year, buying make-up was (unfortunately!) very low down on my list of priorities.

Things are slowly on the up and I thought now was the right time for me to start afresh, so I took the very drastic (and quite contraversial!) step of wiping my blog.
I did feel sad deleting some of my old posts as they were important to me, and some had lovely comments on them, but I felt I needed to do it in order to move forward with blogging.

I know I did the right thing and I'm excited about my own blog again.
I read hundreds (seriously) of blogs a week and am always so excited to read them and they have proved completely invaluable to me in the past few months when any make-up purchases had to be well thought out, and budgeted for!
I'm hoping that my blog will make other people feel the same way.

So who am I?
Well, I thought you might be asking that. Here are some fun facts:

I've only started wearing lipstick this year. At the ripe old age of 26
I've had pretty much the same hairstyle since I was 18
I change my nail polish at LEAST 4 times a week
I LOVE cooking, and I think I'm pretty nifty at it
I carry around as much make-up as my bag will let me. You never know.
I NEVER get tired of listening to Metallica
I used to want to be a make-up artist, now I've decided that I like it better as a hobby
I'm obsessed with reality TV in all it's trashy forms
I can never own enough candles, candlesticks or photoframes
I love vampires. Yes, I am a fang banger ;)
I hate tomatos

Random facts - definately
Fun facts - I hope so!

Until next time,



  1. welcome back to blogging! I had a bit of a disheartening too a while back, sometimes it is all too big! looking forward to more posts xx

  2. thanks for the follow.. Yayyy, WELCOME back, looking forward to your future posts!

  3. thanks for the lovely comment lady! You were spot on about the family making it was it is, so I have to focus on that now.Thank you, it means a lot! Hope you are having a great weekend,


  4. Welcome back :) looking forward to your posts and I am sure this time, you wont get disheartened because you have the support of your lovely readers including me too. ^ ^

  5. Just realised that I haven't said thank you to all you lovelies for your comments!

    Big MWAH xo