Friday, 31 December 2010

I'm a very bad blogger

I know this.
I'm so very sorry. The whole of December seems to have passed by in a complete blur and now it's NYE!
I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, I certainly did.
I rule at cooking turkey, and roast dinners in general :)

Anyway, I wanted to talk about a little product that I treated myself to the other day. It took me by complete surprise by arriving yesterday (the next day!) and I'm in <3

I first came about OCC Lip Tar's on the gorgeous Bubblegarm's blog when she talked about the shade "Cha Cha".
I was instantly intrigued but put them on the list of things to buy, one day.
I was reminded of them the other day when browsing my Favourites on my computer and decided to bite the bullet and buy one.
I went for the shade "Momento" as I knew as soon as I saw it that I would love it.

(Apologies for the Google Image - I didn't photograph the actual tube I got)

Described as a pink with plum undertones on the internet, I guess that's about right although I would definately describe it as more of a rose shade.

This is how it looks on:

(Not the best photo - but hopefully you'll get the idea)

I read a lot into these products before buying and I would say that everything I read is completely correct:

You only need the SMALLEST amount of product
They dry semi-matte and are long lasting (even for a naughty smoker like myself!)
They have a minty scent, although it's not tingly on the lips- more cooling than anything else
You must use a lip brush to apply- straight from the tube is a no-no

The only thing I was a tiny bit unimpressed with is that when I unscrewed the lid, there was no protective seal or anything there. It had already leaked into the lid slightly and I reckon I must have lost about 10 applications worth of product.
But in the scheme of things, and especially as I've already ordered two more, that was a minor and I'm overall totally in love and converted.

I can't believe that less than a year ago I was a lipgloss only girl! Now I own several lipsticks that I just couldn't live without and now I'm in love with these lip tars!
The power of the blogging community - I love it so much.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. My lovely readers and just other bloggers in general.
You've all made this year which has been a bit rough at times, that little bit better.
Plus the information and advice I receive from bloggers really has been completely invaluable.

Here's to 2011 and I promise (hand on heart) more regular posts from moi.


Keri xo